The Resilient Athlete is: 
"able to access their talent at the highest level they are capable on a consistent basis regardless of the situation." 

In this five-part series, you will learn the foundations of sport psychology and offer a framework of understanding for you as the coach to teach to your athletes. Each section has both a mental tool and a mental muscle and includes lesson plans with worksheets and presentation slides for you to edit as you see fit. 


James Leath

This course was written by and is taught by James Leath. James is the founder of Unleash the Athlete and former Head of Leadership Development for IMG Academy. UTA offers workshops, keynotes, and online courses to equip athletes and coaches with the mental skills to improve performance. He has worked with the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers. He is currently a mental performance coach with the Chicago Bulls.

In this five-part series, you will learn the foundations of sport psychology and a framework of understanding for you as the coach to teach to your athletes. 

Each section is has both a mental tool to master and a mental muscle to practice in order to match your athlete's mental abilities to their physical abilities. 

What you get:

  • Two lesson plans for each mental tool and mental muscle (20 total)
  • Resource Book to use as a guide to making each activity uniquely yours
  • Editable presentation slides and worksheets 
  • Access to a community of other coaches who have purchased the course

Breakdown of the course: 

Section One: “Able to access their talent...” 
You can have all the talent and strength you need to be competitive, but you must be able to unleash all the hours of training they put in to make it to the day of competition.
Mental Tool: Self-Talk 
Mental Muscle: Confidence

Section Two: “…regardless of the situation.” 
A mentally tough athlete treats practice and pre-season competitions with the same intensity as a league or post-season game.
Mental Tool: Goal Setting
Mental Muscle: Mindset

Section Three: “...at the highest level...” 
Quiet the mind and find the inner strength they need to reach their full potential.   
Mental Tool: Mindfulness 
Mental Muscle: Focus

Section Four: “…you are capable…” 
Your level of effort has nothing to do with the competition. 
Mental Tool: Imagery 
Mental Muscle: Intensity

Section Five: “...on a consistent basis…” 
Anyone can be great in a random chance moment. Be someone to be counted on at all times. 
Mental Tool: Routines 
Mental Muscle: Motivation

"James spent an entire day with my whole program before the season began and his presence remained with us through the last game of our season. He brought insight, funny stories, and a lot of positive energy and helped create a solid foundation of leadership we continue to build upon. He even spoke to our parents, and they loved him! We will definitely have him back."

Jim Nazos
Head Basketball Coach, Batavia High School, Chicago, IL

"I sent my underclassmen to hear Coach Leath speak today, and at the end of practice I asked them how the seminar went. They loved him! They said he was funny and engaging. After every speaker they see, I ask them to write a reflection and today was no different. I ask them to share a few takeaways and what they want to implement next year as returning varsity members and they seemed eager to do so, shocking!"

Taylor Wong
Cheer Coach, Punahou High School, Honolulu, HI

"We were thrilled when James accepted our invitation to come to Mid-Pacific Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii, because we knew that his message would help make an impact for all of our student-athletes and our coaches. We loved every minute that he was able to share with our community. His experience and his philosophy on the purpose of interscholastic athletics, combined with his enthusiastic delivery had an incredible and memorable effect on everyone who was lucky enough to attend his sessions. Mahalo James, you have improved our program and elevated our athletic mindset."

Scott Wagner
Mid-Pacific athletic Director, Honolulu, HI

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