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Cheers to you for striving to be a more positive influence on your athletes. Thank you for the countless time, talent, and treasures that you spend on the adults of tomorrow. 


I asked 200 coaches two questions:

  1. "What are you reading now?"
  2. "What book do you recommend other coaches read"

I compiled a list and here is that list.

Teach from Overflow. The learning never stops for a coach. The most influential coaches know that it is easier to "teach from overflow" than from an empty cup. Here are 30 resources that will jumpstart your learning journey! Get the list.

Here is a list of books for athletes. I challenge my athletes to select a book from this list and finish it in less than four weeks, then email me when they read the last page. This is not an exhaustive list and I add to it constantly. Get the list

Great Coaches are Great Storytellers. Here is a sample of the collection of parables, poetry, quotes, speeches, and writings inspire my work with athletes and coaches. I encourage you to use this document as a catalyst for creating your own Champion’s Notebook so the stories and lessons you have learned can be passed on to those who call you Coach. Get the notebook.

About James Leath

James Leath is a mental performance coach and the founder of Unleash the Athlete. With a bachelors in communication, a masters in Performance Psychology, and almost 20 years of coaching experience, James teaches leadership, character, and mental residency to elite performers in sport, theater, and business through keynotes, workshops, and online courses.

James has worked for companies like IMG Academy, USA Swimming, Positive Coaching Alliance, American Heart Association, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bulls. He currently lives in Dallas, TX and coaches high school football. 

You can find him on InstagramTwitter and TikTok