You are the expert. The information provided in these curriculums will help you as the coach to create a fun, educational experience and help foster a positive experience for your athletes. 


52 Team-Building Activities for Athletes

Every activity is described, in detail, and teaches how to introduce the activity to your team. There is also post-activity discussion and suggestions on what to look for to help make it a teachable moment. This course started with 52 activities, but it keeps growing! Coaches all over the world are using them with their teams use to get their minds right, get to know each other, and grow as a team. 

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The Resilient Athlete: 20 Lessons for Coaches to use to Teach Athletes the Mental Game
In this five-part series, you will learn the foundations of sport psychology and offer a framework of understanding for you as the coach to teach to your athletes. Each section has both a mental tool and a mental muscle and includes lesson plans with worksheets and presentation slides for you to edit as you see fit.

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