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Coach Curriculum

You work hard. Practices are long and there is often no time to fit in everything you want to teach. But athletic skills and game strategy is not why you got into coaching. You are a coach because you want to have a positive impact on those that call you Coach.

My goal is to equip you with lessons that you can use right away
but don't have the time to create them yourself. 

Below you will find pre-made curriculum that you can use right now to help your athletes be better leaders, compete more consistently, and be a better teammate. Many come with editable worksheets, powerpoint/keynote presentations, and videos of either me teaching or short videos explaining how to teach the subject. 

Coach Curriculum

Forging Men of Character is a curriculum designed to teach young men the value of respect in and out of their sport. The topics include self, team, others, women, authority, and diversity. If you are looking for gender-neutral character development, please check out Talent Needs Character curriculum.  Learn More

Five lessons every Youth Sport Coach should know. In this five part series, you will learn some things that most coaching courses don't teach. Learn from the mistakes of 20+ years of coaching youth sports. Learn More

52 of the very team building activities I use in my workshops around the country. But, I haven't stopped at 52. As I continue to work with teams, I add to the list.  Every activity comes with a purpose statement, set up and execution ideas, and things to look for to increase learning.  Learn More

In this five-part series, you will learn the foundations of sport psychology and offer a framework of understanding for you as the coach to teach to your athletes. Each section has both a mental tool and a mental muscle and includes lesson plans with worksheets and presentation slides for you to edit as you see fit. Learn More

“No printed word, nor spoken plea can teach young minds what they should be. Not all the books on all the shelves – but what the teachers are themselves.”

— Rudyard Kipling

This 3-part curriculum covers the three things essential to building Character: Respect, Relationships, and Readiness. Presentations, activities and worksheets are designed for a coach to use them as a framework for teaching athletes how to take an honest look at themselves and carve away things that inhibit progress toward the person they want to become. Learn More

Learn how to teach your athletes the Mental side of sports. In this 3-Week Online Experience, I will share ways to help you get your athletes LEAD better, PERFORM under pressure, and BUILD a strong character. Plus, access to Team Building and Mental Resiliency Curriculum $297 Learn More

A virtual workshop for High School Female Athlete with sport dietician and certified personal trainer Casey Young and Mental Performance Coach James Leath. $27 Learn More

About James Leath

James Leath is a mental performance coach and the founder of Unleash the Athlete. With a bachelors in communication, a masters in Performance Psychology, and almost 20 years of coaching experience, James teaches leadership, character, and mental residency to elite performers in sport, theater, and business through keynotes, workshops, and online courses.

James has worked for companies like IMG Academy, USA Swimming, Positive Coaching Alliance, American Heart Association, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bulls. He currently lives in Dallas, TX and coaches high school football. 

You can find him on InstagramTwitter and TikTok