Joining UTA Athlete Academy is not for everyone. You will be challenged and expected to grow at a pace most won't be able to handle. Stick with it, and you will see your ability and influence surpass your teammates!

This happens when you sign up:

  • 90-minute group call every month
  • Reading materials and workbook will be sent directly to you at the beginning of the course
  • Office hours during the week
  • Each group will be no more than 24 athletes
  • Exclusive content sent only to athletes in this program
  • Free access to the UTA Core Training courses ($297 value) while in the program
  • Free access to all UTA courses for one year


3-Month Athlete Academy Challenge

It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Your Mental Performance Coach


James Leath is the founder of Unleash the Athlete and former Head of Leadership Development for IMG Academy. He has worked with the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers. He is currently a mental performance coach with the Chicago Bulls. 
With a bachelors in communication, a masters in Performance Psychology, and almost 20 years of coaching experience James teaches leadership, character, and mental residency to athletes around the country and abroad through keynotes, workshops, and online courses that help coaches and parents have a more positive sport experience. He currently splits his time between Indianapolis and Chicago.
Learn more about Coach Leath

Group Calls are recorded and available for review. 

Winter Group:

  • Sunday, January 5, 2020 5:00pm-7:00pm CST
  • Sunday, February 2, 2020 5:00pm-7:00pm CST
  • Sunday, March 1, 2020 5:00pm-7:00pm CST

Spring Group:

  • Sunday, April 5, 2020 5:00pm-7:00pm CST
  • Sunday, May 3, 2020 5:00pm-7:00pm CST
  • Sunday, June 7, 2020 5:00pm-7:00pm CST
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