Your Mental Game Coach: James Leath

James Leath is a mental performance coach and the founder of Unleash the Athlete. With a bachelors in communication, a masters in Performance Psychology, and almost 20 years of coaching experience, James teaches leadership, character, and mental residency to elite performers in sport, theater, and business through keynotes, workshops, and online courses. He has worked for companies like IMG Academy, USA Swimming, Positive Coaching Alliance, and the Dallas Cowboys. He was most recently a mental performance coach for the Chicago Bulls organization. Coach Leath lives in Dallas, TX. 

Why you should hire me...

 My role in your event is to mash the best of what I know and the best that I have experienced against my research about your organization and conversations I have with your attendees, then turn it into something of value and action and fun. I don’t juggle, and I am terrible at magic, but I am also not a stuffy suit. My job is to deliver value AND make you look good for hiring me.

Who am I?

I am a coach. I was a multi-sport athlete through high school and was a collegiate athlete. I have a masters in performance psychology and for a few years I was the head of leadership development at one of the most prestigious sports academies in the world, IMG Academy.

I facilitate workshops, deliver keynotes, and create online courses. I speak on leadership, character development, and intentional Influence.

I tell a lot of stories without pulling any punches. Some stories will make you laugh, others will make you angry, and perhaps some might make you cry, but they will all serve a point. I deliver a unique blend of inspiration as well as tangible performance-improving insight necessary for helping you own the game you most want to win. I promise that you will be entertained, enlightened, and empowered through my performance.

Who YOU Might Be?

High school coach or athletic director, collegiate coach, club sport owner, president of a parent group, event organizer looking for a speaker to share a message…contact me for availability! 

Right For Your Event?

I speak at leadership, character development, and mental resiliency events mostly. I’ve also spoken for multi-level marketing events, real estate meetings, many dozens of professional association events, as well as private corporate team events. I’ve got speeches ranging from under an hour to a speech plus a workshop, and you can bet there will be some improv activities in there!

Topics I Speak on…

Here’s a brief sample of the many topics I can cover:

4Ls of Leadership: Lead Yourself, then lead Others. Look around you. You will be like the people you surround yourself with, so choose those people carefully. What you Listen to and let into your brain will formulate your thoughts and come out as words. Learn from those who have been where you want to go. Finally, lead yourself first, then take everything you are learning and lead others.

Do, Say, Be: How to Be a Positive Influence on Your Classmates. There is a path to leadership, and it starts with doing the work. Until you do the work, then earn your voice, you will never truly be a leader. Here is how you do that, and how to show others how to be leaders.

Communication Triad: Verbal, Physical, and Digital Responsibility. What you say, how you say it, and when you say it is important. Our bodies are sometimes speaking louder than our voice ever could. Social media is the digital megaphone of your character, so pause before you post!

Mastering Team Building Activities for Athletes. There are five types of activities a coach needs to have in their toolbox in addition to being able to coach the tactical, technical, physical and mental aspects of the game. Check out the course I made for it here.

The Power of Positive Leadership Training. Based off of Jon Gordon’s  book of the same title, I am an official  trainer and teach his content using materials developed specifically fo this training. Find the right people, invest in them, nurture them, and develop them; as they grow, so do you. The Power of Positive Leadership helps you become the person you want to be, and the leader your people need.

The Process of Booking Me

I’m really easy to work with. Send me an email and we can quickly hop on a phone call and we’ll figure out dates and rates and all that kind of stuff.

What You Should Know

If you really don’t know me yet, it’s tricky, I admit it. You’re worried: will the athletes and coaches be able to relate to him? (Yes.) Is he professional enough? (Yes.) Will he swear on stage? (No.) Will he honor his commitments? (Every time.) Is he entertaining? (Oh, that I am. I mean, I’m no Cirque Du Soleil, but I’m fun.) Will he stick around after his speech? (As long as someone is there to talk, I will be there to listen.) Is he fussy? (Not at all. My requirements are rather simple. A couple bottles of water, a lav mic, a clicker, and I’m on my way. No trampolines (anymore). No smoke effects. And no more elephants.

All good? So, if you want someone to speak at your event, I’m your man. It will be fun, I promise! 

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Here are a few examples of my work:


Organizations James I have worked with include:

What Coaches are Saying...

"We knew James' message would help make an impact for all of our student-athletes and our coaches. We loved every minute that he was able to share with our community. His experience and his philosophy on the purpose of interscholastic athletics, combined with his enthusiastic delivery had an incredible and memorable effect on everyone who was lucky enough to attend his sessions."

Scott Wagner, Athletic Director, Mid-Pacific


"James spent an entire day with my whole program before the season began and his presence remained with us through the last game of our season. He brought insight, funny stories, and a lot of positive energy and helped create a solid foundation of leadership we continue to build upon. He even spoke to our parents, and they loved him! We will definitely have him back."

Jim Nazos, Head Varsity Basketball Coach, Batavia High School

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