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Talent Needs Character. 

Unleash the Athlete educates, inspires, and
empowers athletes in and out of sport.


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With a bachelors in communication, a masters in Performance Psychology, and almost 20 years of coaching experience James teaches leadership, character, and mental residency to athletes around the country and abroad through keynotes, workshops, and online courses that help coaches and parents have a more positive sport experience. He currently splits his time between Dallas and Chicago.

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Release: January 2020

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Release: February 2020

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Release: March 2020

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"We knew James' message would help make an impact for all of our student-athletes and our coaches. We loved every minute that he was able to share with our community. His experience and his philosophy on the purpose of interscholastic athletics, combined with his enthusiastic delivery had an incredible and memorable effect on everyone who was lucky enough to attend his sessions. "

Scott Wagner
Athletic Director, Mid-Pacific

Team Building Activities for Athletes

Are you a coach looking for some new ideas to put in your coaching toolbox? I have put together a growing collection of the best activities I can find, broken down into five sections to help get your athletes ready for competition, get to know each other, grow as a team, have fun, and increase their emotional intensity. 

Fill out the information below and I will share with you the first section, "Interrupt: Wake up the athlete" do you can put to use these activities right way!

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What are the top college coaches looking for in a talented athlete? CHARACTER.

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